An introduction to the ‘force’

*Potential spoilers ahead*

For want of a better phrase yesterday I popped my Star War’s cherry. Yes, I know it seems kind of rare but I had never seen a star wars film in my life, not even ten minutes of one, it’s never been something I thought I would enjoy.

I was already happy that I was feeling up to leaving the house and not just stopping in bed so when we arrived at the cinema I immediately brought a tango ice blast, they now do a blood orange flavour which is so good! After making my parents wait while I figured out which seat was exactly in the middle and the right row for how far away I wanted to be we settled in.

I wasn’t sure what I expected, there’s alot of fan mania around the films. Star Wars had always kind of struck me as the Harry Potter of my parents generation, I didn’t get the fascination.

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A Supernatural Kind of Week

Being signed off work sick is never fun, but this week I’ve passed the time by watching Supernatural, one of my very favourite series. Even when you think you know every episode something new makes me laugh or smile and it never gets old.

Alot of people I know think Supernatural is just about fighting monsters and watching people kill each other, but it’s so much more. This week I’ve watched some of my favourite episodes again and watched three of the seasons back to back as well.

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Taking the leap

So I’ve considered a blog for a while, I’ve written for as long as I can remember but don’t think I’ve ever let anyone read it. Weighing up the pros and cons of sharing my thoughts with the world took me quite a while but I’m finally taking the leap.

I guess this kinda thing starts with a little background on me, I’m kind of a daydreamer…OK, make that a big daydreamer. I’m sure I’m destined to write, I spend most of my time thinking about new adventures my characters can go on…is it just me that does that? This often means I laugh at inappropriate times and would much rather stay in and write than go out drinking at weekends.

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