Taking the leap

So I’ve considered a blog for a while, I’ve written for as long as I can remember but don’t think I’ve ever let anyone read it. Weighing up the pros and cons of sharing my thoughts with the world took me quite a while but I’m finally taking the leap.

I guess this kinda thing starts with a little background on me, I’m kind of a daydreamer…OK, make that a big daydreamer. I’m sure I’m destined to write, I spend most of my time thinking about new adventures my characters can go on…is it just me that does that? This often means I laugh at inappropriate times and would much rather stay in and write than go out drinking at weekends.

I’m a Disney and Harry Potter fan and proud, to be honest I’m fascinated by everything film and television, probably the reason most of my money is spent in the cinema. Nothing can beat a quiet cinema room with a tango ice blast and a great film, I love seeing movies in their natural home on the big screen.

When I discussed with a friend of mine what my blog would be about I had no idea, she’s knows so much more about this. Then I got thinking, why can’t it just be about me? My thoughts, my little world…for me everything around us is kind of like wonderland, we all see it differently, we all experience it differently, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s perfect. So prepare to read all about the life of a day dreaming, film and tv watching, slightly nerdy girl that’s taking the leap to share her little piece of this wonderland.

Love and best wishes

Fay xx



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