A Supernatural Kind of Week

Being signed off work sick is never fun, but this week I’ve passed the time by watching Supernatural, one of my very favourite series. Even when you think you know every episode something new makes me laugh or smile and it never gets old.

Alot of people I know think Supernatural is just about fighting monsters and watching people kill each other, but it’s so much more. This week I’ve watched some of my favourite episodes again and watched three of the seasons back to back as well.

Today’s been a great day, the first day since being signed off that I’ve managed the whole day without needing a nap, oh the wonders a new set of iron tablets can do! So today I finished watching Season 8 and started Season 9.

If I was asked to sum up this show in one word it would be “Family.” It’s roots are in family and it builds from there. That’s what I love about it, sure it’s decorated with killing demons and vampires and anything else that goes bump in the night but at the heart it’s about family, friendship, love and protection.

I used to think everything in life you learnt from your parents or those around you…but I think what we watch, consume, that teaches us too. One of my very favourite quotes from the show is by Bobby Singer, kind of a father to Sam and Dean.

“Family don’t end with blood boy”

I love that quote, it sums up the show and everything it has taught me, that your family are the people you can call at anytime to be there, you can reach out to and know will support you no matter what. It also taught me that sometimes, family doesn’t start with blood either. It’s the people that have got your back no matter what.

Having watched every season of the show it’s taught me to do what’s best for you, it’s character’s have inspired me to fight for what’s right, to believe in myself and that sometimes if you want something….you just have to go for it, standing alone doesn’t always mean your lonely.

I’ve laughed with the show, cried with the show, sometimes even hated what they did to the characters, but it’s a show I respect, the writing, the acting, the way it reaches out to people, a whole set of people from different walks of life can come together to appreciate it. There’s a reason it’s fans are called the Supernatural Family. We’re slightly wacky, kind of obsessive, totally in love with the characters but most of all, although we come from all over the world through places like Twitter and Facebook we know we’re never alone. It’s the kind of show I would aspire to create one day.

This week, with the boredom of being stuck in bed most days, Supernatural kept me sane. So here’s to those shows that whisk us away to another world, the characters that we relate to and those moments that make us laugh or cry. Here’s to the geniuses that create those visions and share them with the world. Thank you


Fay xx



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