An introduction to the ‘force’

*Potential spoilers ahead*

For want of a better phrase yesterday I popped my Star War’s cherry. Yes, I know it seems kind of rare but I had never seen a star wars film in my life, not even ten minutes of one, it’s never been something I thought I would enjoy.

I was already happy that I was feeling up to leaving the house and not just stopping in bed so when we arrived at the cinema I immediately brought a tango ice blast, they now do a blood orange flavour which is so good! After making my parents wait while I figured out which seat was exactly in the middle and the right row for how far away I wanted to be we settled in.

I wasn’t sure what I expected, there’s alot of fan mania around the films. Star Wars had always kind of struck me as the Harry Potter of my parents generation, I didn’t get the fascination.

As the film began I was surprised by having to read the background information for what I was about to watch, that doesn’t happen very often, not that much text anyway.

My mum has a great habit of talking through a film so when the storm troopers appeared she asked me if I knew what they were…I didn’t.

Watching the film as a newcomer to the series I didn’t know any of the classic characters or actors, sure I knew the name Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, of course Harrison Ford, but other than that it was like watching a brand new film. As it got going I did wonder if it was all going to be about spaceships, escapes and Fin not quite getting the hang of shooting the bad guys, it was living up to all the reasons I don’t usually like Science Fiction films. Too much focus on the idea of spaceships, alien technology and strange creatures and not enough real relatable human story.

Then Kylo Ren revealed Darth Vader was his grandfather and I was a bit confused, Luke wasn’t his father I knew that much…I was intrigued, I started to enjoy the story, the connections of the characters. I knew that Rey had something going for her, the last 45 minutes or so I really enjoyed. I felt like I was watching a new adventure, the character connections were played very well. I loved General Leia’s appearance, she brought more dimension to the back story.

Overall having not seen the earlier films yet I’m still not sure I get the hype but it was a good film, each character had their own little story going on but they all linked to each other which I liked. The film went on a journey from start to finish and it grew on me, I did have a feeling Luke would make an appearance at the end, the scene was pretty good.

I think the film was created in a way that both new and old fans could enjoy it, with them bringing back the classic characters that people seem to love but also adding new ones that we can follow through their own journey.

The writing was good and I like the development of Fin and Rey as characters. Some questions went left unanswered but I guess that’s what brings people back in, it left me intrigued enough to want to see the next installment.

If you haven’t ever seen a star wars film I would recommend it, it’s fun and opens up a new world of adventure.

Fay xx


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