Going it alone

So I’m one of those people that isn’t in a relationship and that doesn’t really enjoy going out drinking and dancing every weekend, I would much rather be home, watching Saturday night tele or a film and writing.

About two years ago I went on my first mini solo break, just in England but it was perfect, I loved it. I was away for just three nights and four days but it was so much fun. I wandered to the beach and lay on the rocks writing, went to the cinema, for lunch, even to a very nice restaurant for dinner. And I did it all on my own which I’d never done before, it was great, not having to arrange or plan things around others. I even met some people to play beach volleyball with each afternoon.

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Sometimes I Wonder…

I sometimes wonder what life without having a long term condition is like, on the outside I look pretty normal but on the inside my hip bones are damaged and only getting worse, which effects knees, back and sometimes ankles too.

However much people tell you they understand, a lot of them don’t and never could. Even family, sure they’ve seen it all, been there through the various operations but they don’t really know the pain it causes.

Then there are the misconceptions, the idea that because you look fine you are or because you spend the day lying in bed watching tele life must be pretty good. I’ve had my condition since I was born so I’ve never known any different…but the pain has increased.

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As The X-Files returns

Tonight saw the return of The X-Files to the UK on Channel 5. I was a bit young to watch this the first time round but my parents watched it. My mum was such a fan she named our guinea pigs Mulder and Scully.

Bringing back any series after such a break is bound to have it’s issues, will it be good enough? Live up to what people expect? It’s a kind of a nostalgic love that people have for The X-Files, the same as the people that love Star Wars.

When I heard they were bringing back the show I was quite excited, I do love a good sci-fi or fantasy show and have watched a fair few over the years.

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Job hunting, an art form?

Talking to a friend earlier who’s been searching for a job for a long time got me thinking, job hunting is kind of an art form isn’t it?

Alot of places pass you over if your application looks kind of ordinary and from my experience of both being the interviewer and the interviewee it can be pretty frustrating when you feel like your giving it your all.

The biggest thing I learnt when I was job hunting is that you should never give up, even when it feels like you’ve submitted your 100th ignored application you should keep going, you never know how close you are to that perfect opportunity.

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