Job hunting, an art form?

Talking to a friend earlier who’s been searching for a job for a long time got me thinking, job hunting is kind of an art form isn’t it?

Alot of places pass you over if your application looks kind of ordinary and from my experience of both being the interviewer and the interviewee it can be pretty frustrating when you feel like your giving it your all.

The biggest thing I learnt when I was job hunting is that you should never give up, even when it feels like you’ve submitted your 100th ignored application you should keep going, you never know how close you are to that perfect opportunity.

I also learnt that a lot of companies like a bit of something different, I’ve been a volunteer in some form for years and I would include it in all my applications if I was looking for a job, it’s got me to quite a few interviews and I was asked about it in every one.

Also remember, every application you fill out, every interview you attend and don’t succeed is experience. People in stable long term jobs won’t have half the interview or application experience you will build whilst job hunting. It’s about talking yourself up, believe in you and what you can do.

When I was job hunting I liked to fill my time with volunteering, it gave me more experience and bulked up my CV. Take opportunities, even if they’re not paid, it’ll always teach you something new and help you on the way to getting the position you want.

It’s easy to become disheartened if you don’t get many responses, filling out an application can be a minefield, some have their own forms, some want an essay, some want a simple CV. The best way I found was reading the job description and try to incorporate some of the words they use into your application, they’re kind of like buzz words and more often than not will get noticed. So if they are looking for a ‘hardworking, organised individual’ give them an example of how you are that and use the exact words.

Applications and companies all vary, but one thing I always make sure of is that I’m interested to work there, to do that particular job, if you’re not, it’ll show in what you put on a page. I turned down a job after interview once because it didn’t feel like something I could be passionate about. Alot of people are out there looking for a job and a lot of people will be focusing on how much money it can make them but sometimes, the people that actually get the position are those that just want to work in that industry, that are happy to start from the bottom and work their way up.

A good friend of mine wasn’t happy in her job so left and became self employed. She’s very talented and is now much happier, sometimes we have to take the leap of faith. It might be uncertain but some of the best things happen when we’re not quite sure where to go next but know we’re willing to make it work.

If you’re not passionate about something, it’ll show, so sure, look for something that will pay well but also look for something that you want to get up in the morning and do, that you could talk to your friends about for hours. In my experience, those are the jobs that you’ll succeed in.

Fay xx


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