As The X-Files returns

Tonight saw the return of The X-Files to the UK on Channel 5. I was a bit young to watch this the first time round but my parents watched it. My mum was such a fan she named our guinea pigs Mulder and Scully.

Bringing back any series after such a break is bound to have it’s issues, will it be good enough? Live up to what people expect? It’s a kind of a nostalgic love that people have for The X-Files, the same as the people that love Star Wars.

When I heard they were bringing back the show I was quite excited, I do love a good sci-fi or fantasy show and have watched a fair few over the years.

As the episode began I was happy to see they’d kept the opening sequence, kind of a nod to the origins of the series. I did wonder how the actors would come across after so long not being on our screens in the characters of Mulder and Scully.

The first thing that struck me was the relationship and the obvious history between the two characters. The chemistry of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny is one I love, it feels so natural to watch. They are both brilliant characters in their own way and fit each other perfectly.

I liked the plot, it gave a new feel to the world of the X files. For a show I thought would be all about aliens, Β it was good to see that the idea of a man made conspiracy is brought up. Feeling like I was watching a brand new show altogether, it interested me and felt fresh.

The character’s are relatable, we all know a slightly paranoid conspiracy fan…and the very sensible totally reasonable person too. They may be the extreme in this show but we all know someone the character reminds us of.

The show left me wanting to see more, wanting to know what happens next. I watch a lot of television shows so to find one that actually makes me want to tune in again is refreshing, they can get a bit repetitive but I like what they’re doing with this and the direction it’s taking.

I think the key to me enjoying this new episode was to go into it with no expectations. That’s easier for me having not been a fan of the show before. It may never live up to how good the series was during it’s most popular time, but from the first episode, it’s doing a good job of trying.

I’ll definitely be watching again.

Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Fay x


One thought on “As The X-Files returns

  1. Could not have talked about the show like this,you have given excellent promotion of the series and hopefully encouraged other people to give it a viewing. Wendy Lou,aka mumxxx

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