Fay’s take on: 10 Cloverfield Lane

I figured that seen as my favourite past time is watching films I’d start writing about what I think of them. I do own enough DVD’s to open my own store after all. But the first is one I saw in the cinema today, mostly because it’s still fresh in my mind.

*Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.*

I went to see this with my mum, who doesn’t really like sci-fi or scary films, so actually she was just there because I wanted to go bless her!

I had seen Cloverfield before seeing this and I’ll be honest I couldn’t figure out if this was a sequel, prequel or what. I’ve come to the conclusion that the name Cloverfield is used purely for marketing purposes, it actually has very little connection to the original film and you have to look hard for those small connections. It does however seem to be set in the same universe, maybe in a different time frame? I don’t know but there is a slightly similar vibe.

I was drawn in from the start with the montage of her leaving home and then we get to the crash. I’ll admit it made me jump, I knew something was about to happen but not quite that soon. Watching Michelle wake up in the bunker my first thought was, wait, she’s been kidnapped? I thought this was about creatures taking over. Safe to say that I was pretty sure from the moment Howard was introduced that he was slightly psychotic, whether there was an apocalyptic mess outside or not…he was damn scary!

I did read a thread on IMDB after watching the film, the debate focused around whether or not Michelle was a monster…she attacked Howard, tried to set fire to the bunker and in the end killed him. But I don’t think she was a monster, she was scared and I think her instincts to survive kicked in. I’m pretty sure if I woke up chained to a wall, unable to leave then saw the guy shoot someone and dissolve their body in acid, I’d be thinking about trying to get out and as far away as possible too! After all, she’d not seen the outside properly, it was the lesser of two evils.

The acting in this was phenomenal, to say it was basically a three character cast they all did such good jobs, very emotive performances at times. The way tension was built in this film was very effective, from over the shoulder shots where you expect something to happen to hearing the noises from above ground, the soundtrack, it all works to put you on edge waiting for something big to happen, are they going to be attacked? Will someone break in? In the end it’s one of the characters in the bunker that causes all the havoc.

I’m not sure how I feel about the ending of this film yet, it leaves you with lots of unanswered questions, Who is Megan? Who kidnapped the girl? Was it Emmett or Howard that was more dangerous? I feel like Howard was, he had a tub of acid for the specific purpose to dissolve humans in! Who does that?! There is a connection to Cloverfield, the company Howard has mail from is the same company that caused the crazy ass monster to spring up from the sea and cause the invasion in the first film, this isn’t made clear, it’s just a name on an envelope.

Then there are the creature/alien things finally appearing, part of me feels like this could have been left out and it still been a good film, but I guess they had to connect it to the Cloverfield name in some way. I was half expecting the whole apocalypse thing to be a lie made up to keep her in the bunker so was surprised when it turned out to be true.

John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr were fantastic in the portrayal of their characters in this and I’m very excited to see more of director Dan Tratchenberg’s work because lets face it, this was a hell of a debut!

It all just turned out a bit crappy for the female character Β in the end. The world went to hell and the person who saved her was potentially a killer and definitely unhinged, but hey, she made it out alive so smiles all round. I’d watch this again, it’s a good, tense psychological thriller and I love that there are so many questions left unanswered, it’s left open to interpretation.

Fay x


One thought on “Fay’s take on: 10 Cloverfield Lane

  1. Was a little apprehensive to watch this film as I’m not a big sci-fi fan especially with an element of scarey in it and yes the opener got me scared from the start however did enjoy it and sat through all of it I knew it was right up your street Fay and glad you asked me to go xx


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