In four days we sing

So nobody stress or panic but it’s four days away. It was only just four weeks away but now it’s four days, but it’s ok, remain calm, nobody panic.

What I’m talking about of course is the choir concert I am in this weekend. Let’s start this at the beginning shall we?

Back in January I joined a choir, my mum and her friend had already been a part of it for a good year or two and I’d been to see them in their shows and at performances, they were pretty good. I’d always toyed with the idea but I wasn’t sure it was for me, I used to sing at school, took lessons for years and performed in various concerts. I’ve always been a bit creative but since finishing my directing course last year I’d just got too busy with well, life.

But I finally went to the taster session and then decided to join in the new year, it was a great decision (not that all my decisions aren’t great of course!) Getting to grips with it all was a bit tough, I wasn’t used to singing in a group all that much, was I a mid range voice, low, in between? I settled on the low side but still found myself slipping into middle at times.

So for a few months now I’ve been spending my Tuesday evenings learning the songs along with the rest of the lovely women in the choir, I have this week realised that I am constantly singing them! While I’m brushing my teeth, wandering to the bus stop, whatever I’m doing really. I’ll suddenly hear “You’re my world, you’re every breath…” and think what’s that? Oh…it’s me, that’s you Fay, stop singing! To be fair, even before joining a choir I was always a bit like that, I’m the one stood at the bus stop with headphone’s in pretty much dancing away to whatever Beyonce song is blasting in my ears…and believe me, I’ve had to restrain myself from singing out loud on many occasions.But now I definitely am singing out loud, and if it’s not out loud the songs are going round in my head.

The theme is here come the girls which is perfect, I love celebrating the wonderful female artists out there! TheΒ concert’s always raise money for a charity, this time that is one called PASIC, the parents association of seriously ill children, they are fabulous and very close to my heart.

So it’s now four days away, we had the first practice with the band last week and have another tomorrow. The first left me giggling to say the least, a number of the women there are very fun to be around and their conversations always make me smile…and laugh when I should be singing.

I did find myself wondering when I got so uncoordinated, surely I had some coordination at one point, I used to dance for goodness sake! But no, now as I am stood with everyone else I can’t figure out which way I’m swaying or where I’m looking and don’t get me started on clapping, I get so focused on clapping in time that I forget what I’m singing. I’m blaming it on getting older…ok, maybe that’s not why but that’s my excuse for now. So I am muddling through, am I swaying left? right? forward? back? I’ve got no idea most of the time but I know I’m having fun. And that’s all that really matters, that we have fun (because we already sound awesome).

It’ll be my first concert with the choir and it’s safe to say I’m excited, a little daunting and the stage is going to be super hot with the lights on it, but I’m excited. I know it will be fun and I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after, doing something I love and helping raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Ok, I’m off to pretend like I’m not singing to myself. Also, check out the choir website if you fancy, go on, you know you want to!

Fay xx


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