We made it through!

Tonight was the first evening of the choir concert. I was going to post when both were done but I felt like doing it now! So obviously it was fabulous (yes the audience would agree before you ask!)


Community Choir

After a rather long and exhausting week I was feeling pretty tired by the time I got to the parish hall ready for rehearsals earlier today but it didn’t take long for me to feel re-energized and excited for the night ahead. As we started to rehearse the biggest challenge (for me at least) was figuring out where the heck I was standing and which line I was meant to be in. After a bit of moving around luckily I’ve found myself just behind someone who is great at the movements so I take my lead on that from her, because if it was left to me I’d be going in all the wrong directions with all the wrong timings and just be a hot mess, but I think I looked like I knew what I was doing (which makes a change!)

choir night 1

Rocking the pink t-shirt

I also really have to focus on being still when we’re not moving, my instinct is to dance or tap to the beat…but I’d be the only one doing that, well I guess they do say there’s always one. I loved tonight, everything about it. Even down to my hair, it’s the longest it’s been since it grew back all those years ago!! So I was able to curl it and have no shame in admitting I couldn’t stop taking selfies because it looks so pretty now it’s long again!


All week I’ve been trying to get rid of this crazy cough that I have but luckily it didn’t strike during the show – don’t you love it when something goes well.

Dancing on to ‘Here Come The Girls’ was a bit nerve-wracking, it’s my first concert with the choir so I worried I wouldn’t be any good next to the fabulous women who’ve been there longer. But as I looked out at the audience and we began to sing song after song we really pulled it together, all the things we’d been worried about or couldn’t quite get our heads round in those early weeks seemed to disappear and I can’t speak for everyone else but I had fun. As the night progressed I became more relaxed, like yeah, there’s nothing to worry about Fay, just smile. So that’s what I did, I smiled, tapped my feet and sang louder with each song (probably not such a good thing for those that could hear me singing!) The band were really good too.


Me and mother bear


There was a pretty big audience filling the hall and it was amazing that so many people had come to support us and the money raised will be going to PASIC. They are an amazing charity that made a huge difference to my family when I was having chemotherapy and in my recovery , I know they do the same for so many other families too, so it’s really good to feel like I’m giving back to them even if it is just by singing in a concert.

We sounded great of course – that’s not just my ego talking, I have audience member verification I promise! I think the most important thing though was that we enjoyed it and I know I did. It’s a supportive, fun and relaxed environment when I go to choir practice and I think that’s something we brought to the stage tonight. I was proud of what we achieved. I also just want to use this post to thank all the amazing women at the choir for being so welcoming and fun to be around when I first started, definitely put me at ease when I wasn’t sure it was right for me in the beginning.

So, tomorrow it’s onto round two and I can’t wait.

If you didn’t make it tonight and can’t tomorrow (tut tut) then check out the video below from tonight’s show. If you can make it tomorrow come along! You won’t regret it!




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