Because I love it

I know, I know, another post about your choir Fay, really? The third in two weeks, come on now. Well, if you hadn’t already gathered, we’re pretty awesome so yes another post about the fabulous choir is coming your way. This time with more videos – aren’t you the lucky one?

So we finished our concerts and I’m rather sad it’s over! The second night was even better than the first and the energy was so much fun! (do I use the word fun too much? Maybe I do, I’ll find a new word.) Electric, that’s how I’d describe it, we all came together and the energy both on and off stage was electric, my favourite part was us all continuing to sing in our little waiting area afterwards, we weren’t ready for it to be over and everyone was smiling. The audience seemed to love it too, I am mostly a fan of Sweet Dreams and Rehab – love a bit of a beat to move to.

Video time! – Before we continue I apologise for the blurriness but it’s the sound you really should be listening to!

This one is Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Kylie. I think we did it well in our own little way (Leanne I can hear your voice so distinctively in this one! That’s what you get for being near a mic) 


At last night’s practice we had a bit of a social and it was lovely, probably ate too much cake though, that’s slimming world out the window for this week! But we deserved it after how amazing we were this past weekend.

Time for a bit of Girl on Fire I hear you say? 

I wanted to find something outside of work that I can do and love, I did directing for a while but I’m not so good at telling people what to do. This is perfect, I will sing and prance around anywhere so being in a choir is pretty natural but I’ve always been a bit antisocial, I prefer to spend my time alone and six months ago walking into a room full of people would be something I’d rather stay home than do, but I actually look forward to it now. It’s the people that make it special, isn’t that the case with anything?

Sweet Dreams is up next – I loved doing this one! Check out our moves (we are actually going in the same direction!) 

Don’t you love it? Aren’t you regretting you didn’t come and watch us?

You can be doing something great but its the company that makes it memorable. I don’t have to actually be speaking in a conversation but just listening makes me smile. Like yesterday, I’d had an awful day but just being around the positive atmosphere turned it around.

A quote from one of my favourite series comes to mind when I think of choir, its from Harry Potter (of course it is Fay) but it goes like this,

“Your house will be something like your family”

In our own little way we are a bit like a family, we laugh together (probably more than we should at times), we get frustrated together when we can’t get the right notes, we’re supportive of each other and in the end we pull it together and sing our hearts out. I have so much respect for the women I sing with, we’re all unique in our own way but enjoying the music brings us together. They have a special place in my heart even after only being a part of it four months. Since joining the choir my confidence has increased and I believe in myself now more than ever. Ok, enough with being soppy already Fay! I’m looking forward to more practices, more laughs, more performances and I’ve heard stories about the Christmas celebrations!

I’m proud of what we achieved at the weekend, of being a part of it and if you like what you hear and maybe want to join…take it from someone that knows, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Onto the Encore! You’re My World

Fay xx


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