Songs and Singing: What I Love

When I sat down to begin writing this I wasn’t sure where to start which doesn’t usually happen, it feels like a lifetime since I last posted and I wouldn’t know where to begin with an update on the week. I’ve not long woke up from a nap, being in pain is rather tiring I’ve discovered! So it’s good to do nothing for a while. The next two days will involve watching TV series, doing nothing and writing. I will go for coffee with my aunt tomorrow but that only involves cake and a chat, I think I’ll manage that!

So I’m gonna ramble about what I love about songs. I went to the concert hall last night, to see a show called Mad about the Musicals, it was fabulous. I’ve always been a fan of musicals…well, of theatre in any form but I do love a musical.

Songs and music have to power to make you feel like you can take on the world. I have a playlist on my Ipod called you got this, a selection of songs that make me believe I can do anything…that give me confidence. I also have a dance playlist and one for those times where I want to listen to sad music and sing along to cheer myself up. My music taste is quite varied, I’ll listen to Disney sings on repeat but then mix it up with some rap and hip hop (I know, very random, party at mine guys!)

What I love about songs is they tell a story…I’m a huge fan of books, plays…but songs, they can tell a story in under three minutes. It’s kinda magical sometimes. No matter what mood your in, there will be one that speaks to exactly what your thinking and feeling. Musical songs are designed to tell a story, to bring a character to life and I could listen to them all day. When I saw the show last night, there was a song in there for every emotion I’d had this week and alot of the time, a song has more power than any amount of talking can.

I love the song Wings at the moment, it’s one of the songs my choir sings. It’s happy but sad too. Plus we sing it very well! I saw a couple on Britain’s got Talent dance to it while watching this evening and it was so moving.

Wherever I am…no matter who I’m talking to I’ve usually got at least one song buzzing round in my head, I’m sure I’m not the only one that does it – Β kind of like a soundtrack to our lives isn’t it?

Last night there were songs from some incredible musicals, Cabaret, Les Mis, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera (I do love Phantom.) And they all told a story, it’s really powerful, I smiled, got a bit sad and felt uplifted, it was a lovely evening.

Two of my very favourite songs are Someone’s Watching Over Me which is from a film called Raise Your Voice. I identified so much with that film during my cancer journey that it just stuck with me. My other is from a film called Burlesque, the song is called You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me by Cher, alot of people I know don’t like Cher but I brought her last album and loved it. That song is one I stick on when I’m needing to remind myself how strong I can be.

Alot of the songs I love tend to come from films, mostly because they remind me of a certain moment or feeling. Before I joined a choir I was kinda…well, a lot more introverted than I am now, I mean I always will prefer to do things alone and spend time not talking to people, but being a part of the choir has brought me out of that a little…and it’s the songs as well as the people. It’s a little like singing away your worries and feeling more confident in yourself.

I could write about how much I love songs all day but it’d just be me rambling, here are my top five reasons for loving them:

  • Telling a story, have you ever just wanted to say something and not been able to…for those moments a song is perfect.
  • Singing along is so much fun! Whether your crying as you sing cus you’ve had a bad day or your smiling and’s a release.
  • They bring people together, it doesn’t matter your age, race, religion, views. Music is something that’s universal.
  • You can get through damn near anything with the right songs.
  • Singing, in a choir, it’s extremely uplifting and has made me feel more confident than I have in a while.

There are those times where you can’t describe what your thinking because you’re not sure yourself but in those moments I’ve always found a song that summed it up perfectly.

My week in songs has been something like this:

Monday – Roar – Katy Perry

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar”

Tuesday – I believe – Yolanda Adams

“Never mind what people say
Hold your head high and turn away”

Wednesday – Superheroes – The Script

“‘Cause they’ve taken too much hits
Taking blow by blow
Now light a match, stand back, watch them explode”

Thursday – 18 Wheeler – Pink

“Hey, hey, girl! Are you ready for today?
You got your shield and sword?
Cuz its time to play the games”

Friday – It’s on Again – Alicia Keys

“And it seems like fate has spoken
When it seems your faith has broken
By the second, losin’ focus
Ain’t no way to get off, get off, get off, get off”

Saturday – You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me – Cher

“There will be no fade out
This is not the end
I’m down now
But I’ll be standing tall again”

So that was rather long to say I had no idea what to write earlier. Here’s hoping you find the perfect song for everytime you need it.

Fay xx


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