For simply being you

Recently, after I return from choir practice, I get a little emotional. You see, I tend to not talk about things that bother me or go on, it’s always been who I am, how I’m most comfortable, it’ll never change. I write, ignore and put on the smile…sometimes until it gets a bit much. And I think that’s why I write, I don’t like talking and I won’t unless I trust someone a hell of alot or really need to, I just prefer to deal with my own emotions and stuff and get on with it. I’ve always been inspired by strong women, some of my favourite quotes are from the following two actresses:

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.” Audrey Hepburn

I love these and they are very much the same as what I believe in.

The reason I get a bit emotional is because being in that environment, the positivity, the laughter and fun, the support, being around that is the highlight of my weeks recently. The women there are mostly older than me but I love that, they know who they are and are comfortable with it, they’re amazing, I knew one of them before, my mum’s friend – she’s always made me laugh. I’m so grateful I joined because meeting such strong, inspiring women is more than worth it and I haven’t always felt like myself recently but being there I do. Β Don’t get me wrong I’m confident in who I am and it takes alot to make me question it, but I think all of us do at times, when something gets a bit much, we automatically think about what we could do better right?

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference, just laughing, being accepted for yourself, singing (which is something I love!) and knowing you’re in the company of kind, caring people, it’s perfect.

I know a couple of people like that outside of choir too and all of them, they make me believe in myself, they inspire me to smile and laugh and be better. To be strong, unafraid, unashamed and actually also make me realise it’s ok to not have it all together too, because no one can be strong forever and sometimes you need someone to chat to, or to just lift you up when you can’t do it yourself.

Someone also said to me recently don’t hide your story, because someone else, it could be exactly what they need to hear right now. Β Last night it was really good for me to hear about someone else’s experience and how they had begun to overcome it (she’s so fab!) I think it really helps you feel like you’re not alone.

I love being around those kinds of people, where no matter how bad a day any of us are having, we can improve it just by being around each other. I hope to be that person for other people too, everyone should feel appreciated and loved which is why I wanted to write this.

To say Thank you, for them simply being them, don’t ever stop shining, you never know the difference your making just by being yourself.

Fay xx


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