Let’s Bring Back Sophie

If you’re from Nottingham and haven’t already heard about Let’s Bring Back Sophie then what are you doing with your life?!

I’ve watched the trailer a few times now and it is fabulous, taking the text from the Facebook page this is how it is described by Ed Fleming, filmmaker and the creator of the series.

“Let’s Bring Back Sophie is a six part cinematic webseries and exploration into the dynamics between a group of characters whose lives are changed after the disappearance of a girl in a dysfunctional teenage Nottingham. An episode will be released every week beginning June 1st, however come to our premiere to see all six episodes in feature film format on the 27th! All proceeds will go to Teenage Cancer Trust.”

That’s May the 27th at Nottingham Art’s Theatre in case you thought you could get away with not going to the premiere.

So it’s a webseries with six parts and from watching the trailer I will definetely be viewing, even if I can’t get to the premiere I will be encouraging everyone else to go. Ed is very talented and it shows in the trailer for Let’s Bring Back Sophie.

I love the mystery of this plot and can’t wait to see where it goes, I think it’s everyone’s worst nightmare isn’t it? A friend or loved one going missing and being set in teenage view of Nottingham I’m intrigued to see where it goes. What struck me about the trailer is it seems to bring a bunch of kind of ‘misfits’ together and I love stories like that, being a bit of an outsider myself at times. The idea of seeing the plot brought to life from a different character’s point of view in each episode will open up the chance to explore their backstory and why they want to be involved in the hunt for Sophie. Plus the camera angles, lighting and editing on this are spot on.

I like my films and TV shows as people know and this is one I’m definetely excited to see and I know that it will be a hit with anyone that watches it. So make sure you do!

Check out the trailer:

All proceeds from the premiere will be going to the Teenage Cancer Trust which is close to my heart and such a worthwhile cause. Get your tickets here:


Only £5 and that’s nothing to see what’s bound to be an amazing piece of work. If you want to know more about Ed and this series check out the page below:

Let’s Bring Back Sophie

I expect to hear you all talking about this, it will be worth the wait till the end of the month to see it! And if you can’t get to the premiere make sure you check out the series online.

Fay xx



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