Being an Aunty: the things I never expected


I have never been a children person, didn’t want to hold your baby, don’t want to play with your toddler, thanks but no thanks. I have got better as my family has brought more children into the world and I’m a pretty good child sitter now but was still a little reluctant with new babies.

Then one day early last year I got a phone call, I was on the bus home from work and it was my sister “You probably can guess what I’m gonna say,” she told me and I thought oh my gosh here we go. She was pregnant, my little sister…I can’t say I was surprised, a little stunned that it was reality but surprised, no. She’s always been the opposite of me, the one that couldn’t wait to have children, the louder, outgoing, slightly more rebellious one.

The baby, a girl was born in October last year and I’d say that’s the day my life changed, I got the call, “Fay, the baby is here,” my family know how to do things in a dramatic style and little lady definitely did with arriving at home before the ambulance arrived.


The first of many, look how tiny she is!

So less than 3 hours later I was sat in a hospital room cuddling a tiny baby girl while my sister was checked over and James, being exhausted had gone to find himself a drink. I fell in love, head over heels, she was so perfect.

So since then she’s pretty much taken over my social media accounts, my phone camera gallery and my free time. All of which I never expected, she’s getting a little personality now and all she has ever done is laugh at me. I didn’t know what to expect, I know I didn’t expect my life to change so much but I can’t imagine it any differently now.




These are the things I never expected to happen on becoming an aunty:

1.) I spend more time in the children’s section of any clothes store than in the adults. – Every time I go into a shop with a children’s section I am there first, I am terrible for buying her new stuff, that beautiful blue dress that won’t actually fit her until she’s two…yep, that is sat waiting for her to be big enough. The giraffe onesy, the cat onesy and the random dress up outfits she has…they all came from  me, I love dressing her up, she’s not always so impressed but she looks darn cute.freyame2

2.) I would rather spend my time with her than with anyone else. – There was a time the last thing I would want to do is hang out with children but now I’d much rather be sat watching her play or taking her out than doing anything else. I’m not ashamed to admit she is my favourite person in the whole world.

3.) I’m prouder of her than anything else and want to show her off. – I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of anything as I am of Freya, I’ve been so lucky to share some of her firsts with her, first bottle, first Christmas, first time in the sea, first time on a carousel, all the fun things us aunties get to do! Later this year we’ll go on her first holiday and I can’t wait. She was born with the same hip problem I was born with and I was so upset when we knew because I’d never want that for her. Luckily the doctors could fix it and I went to her last check up where they said her hips were now perfect, she’s done amazing.


One of our many selfies.

4.) Her face has taken over my camera. – It’s pretty much guaranteed that we take selfies together now, virtually every photo in my phone gallery is of her, why wouldn’t I take lots of pictures? She’s so cute! Plus I can be the embarrassing aunt that shows them to everyone when she’s a teenager, just keeping her grounded people. Also, I love my sister…but if she snap chats me and it’s not of my niece then why the hell is she even snap chatting me at all?! I’m not sorry that you have to see lots of pictures of her because seriously if you don’t want to see my niece in her cute little summer dress then you’re not even my friend.



5.) I find it hilarious that I’m the one distracting her all the time. – Serious statements I 12347700_10153764952998745_1546363399974296227_nhave heard, “Fay, will you move your nails please, she’s only interested in them.” “Can you go back in the other room, she’s got to eat her food and she’s just watching you.” I am sorry, but also, I’m kind of not because of course she’s more interested in me, I’m awesome. Freya does try to eat my nails quite often but hey it obviously means she appreciates how cool they are. Just wait till I’m taking her with me to get hers done.

6.) I can be a big kid again. – Anyone that knows me knows my love of Disney and Harry Potter and well, everything film really,  now I have someone to share my large collection of Disney films with. I can also go on the carousel at the fair and not look like a crazy person because she’s with me so yeah, it’s totally for her benefit….

7.) I feel weirdly protective over this tiny human. – When she’s with me I’m constantly on guard, she’s quite active now so I feel like I need to put her in a pen or something to keep her from getting injured. Also, I get kinda jealous when other people are cuddling her…because she’s my niece dammit! And don’t insult her, I tease my sister about her but it’s my job as the annoying aunt, anyone else is not allowed to insult her, even playfully, she is perfect there is no discussion needed.


Baby’s first carousel ride, look how happy she is!

8.) I am pretty sure Freya thinks I’m crazy. – This one I have come to realise…all she does is laugh at me and I’m definitely not that funny so clearly she thinks I’m crazy, a good kind of crazy but still…she does like my singing though! I love getting a smile out of her, it usually doesn’t take too much for her to be grinning at me.

9.) I am already planning milestones in my head. – First time to Disney, of course! First time at the zoo, me and my sister have that plan in motion. First birthday party? Oh the possibilities we’ve already discussed! I now get more excited about these kinds of things than anything else because I can’t wait to see her little face and reaction.

10.) She’s kind of brought me round to the idea of children one day myself. – There was a time where I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of having children, it just wasn’t me but now I see all the good things about it, it’s damn hard work I know but just being with my niece for a few hours is super rewarding, standing on the beach with her the other day, it was so perfect. I want to make every day she spends with me perfect and be there for the bad days too, though I will kick the ass of anyone that upsets my baby niece.


Fay xx


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