It’s not always about the singing


Sometimes the best things in our lives are the ones we don’t ever expect. I’ve written about the choir I’m in a few times before when I was fairly new to it, in some ways I still am, still learning the songs they’d done before, still figuring out why I seem to be one of the tallest when we stand to perform when actually I’m not that tall but I’ve been there a bit longer now.

Back when I wrote before it was all very new and exciting, my enthusiasm comes across in those earlier posts. Now I’ve been there a bit longer I guess I have a different view on those two hours once a week I spend practicing with the rest of the choir, in just the last few months I’ve grown as a person and learnt a hell of alot about myself and about what I want.

Let’s wind it back to the beginning, my mum and her friend were in the choir and I always thought I’d hate it, I hadn’t sung since being in school and I’ll be honest I kind of saw the songs I’d heard as being quite old-fashioned so I didn’t think it was for me at all. I finally agreed to go a taster evening to see what it was like around Christmas time and I surprised myself because I loved it, everything about it was warm, friendly and fun.

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My sort of Facebook break

A good few weeks since I last posted! The 1st July which surprises me because I figured now I’m job hunting I’d have more time to blog. In actuality my time has been filled with lots of different things that have come along, more on that in another post. Today I’m discussing Facebook and my break from the social networking site.

I decided a few weeks ago  that I would take a break from Facebook for a while, not because anything terrible had happened on there but simply because I wanted to. I haven’t deactivated my profile (which I did the last time I took a break) but I have logged off and seriously cut back the time I am logged on. The first time I properly went on was yesterday to update my profile picture because I’d decided I seriously needed an up to date one. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken a sort of break and I’m not sure how long it will last but we shall see. This is what I’ve learnt in the time I’ve been away so far.

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