My sort of Facebook break

A good few weeks since I last posted! The 1st July which surprises me because I figured now I’m job hunting I’d have more time to blog. In actuality my time has been filled with lots of different things that have come along, more on that in another post. Today I’m discussing Facebook and my break from the social networking site.

I decided a few weeks ago  that I would take a break from Facebook for a while, not because anything terrible had happened on there but simply because I wanted to. I haven’t deactivated my profile (which I did the last time I took a break) but I have logged off and seriously cut back the time I am logged on. The first time I properly went on was yesterday to update my profile picture because I’d decided I seriously needed an up to date one. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken a sort of break and I’m not sure how long it will last but we shall see. This is what I’ve learnt in the time I’ve been away so far.

I really don’t miss it – I knew I could be away from Facebook because I’ve done it before but my friendship circle has grown since then as I am now in a choir and have lots more friends through my volunteering but honestly I haven’t been tempted to log in even once, I haven’t deleted the app from my phone and not once has it bothered me, I thought I would be wondering what was happening on there all the time but I don’t.

I spent far too much time on there – This is a really important discovery for me, I thought I only spent a little time on there in the evening but no, it was all the time! Instead I’ve spent the time I would have been on Facebook by starting to read the pile of new books I have and I’m loving it. Reading is one of my favourite things to do and it’s a much better use of my time.

I don’t really care – I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t care all that much about the new puppy someone I once went to school with just got, sure it’s cute but I haven’t spoke to them in years. There lots I don’t care about, the stupid videos that are always being shared, the complaints about traffic and the photos of people’s dinner…I don’t care, it’s not relevant to me and I think if I ever do log back on and become a daily user again I will be cleansing my friends list massively.

Things become more personal – So my cousin had a baby in the last two weeks and I am so happy for her and so excited, her baby girl is beautiful. Now previously I would have been wanting to get the perfect photo of me and the new baby so I could congratulate them on Facebook but I didn’t, yes I took some pictures but more for me, one of them went on Instagram but it was nice not to have the pressure of getting a good shot. I could just relax and cuddle the baby. It’s similar to what a friend of mine said a while ago to me, he said that Instagram had been taking over his life so he switched off his phone for a while in the evening now. I think sometimes with all the apps and technology we lose sight of what is personal and makes us happy.

I have time to do the things that make me me – Being on Facebook kind of took over alot of my time, now I have more time to write, read a book or simply watch more of Say Yes to The Dress (my guilty pleasure!) It’s lovely and for the first time in a long time I finished a book in less than a week.

Facebook has it’s place and it’s sometimes nice to see what my friends are getting up to but actually it’s not an essential to me and it’s so good to catch up with people and not already know everything they’ve been doing or them knowing everything I’ve been doing, it’s a bit of a conversation killer when you have seen it all on Facebook already.  I’ve been using twitter slightly more and I was always more of an Instagram fan anyway. I was concerned my lack of time on Facebook would damage me promoting my blog but I can use twitter to do that.

In short, I’m happy to say that I’m loving my time not on Facebook and I won’t be returning properly anytime soon.

Have you ever taken a break from a social media site? Tell me about it in the comments.

Fay xx



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