A whirlwind of perfect moments


That’s the only word I can really think of to describe how I feel right now. It’s been an emotional five days, perfect but emotional all the same.

I’ve not yet been on land 24 hours and I am missing being on a boat immensely, also still swaying a little! Ok, shall I backtrack before I ramble on so we are all on the same page?

I have just returned from a Return to Sail Trip with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust (EMCT). I sailed with them for the first time directly after my treatment and I did a second trip the following year but I hadn’t ever felt like I could go back especially after the pain in my hips heightened and my arm stopped straightening altogether. I honestly believed I would be hopeless on a boat, but I loved it so much before that after a hard few months and feeling pretty down about everything in general I made the decision to go back. I had no idea how I would climb on and off a boat, wander up and down one without falling over or even help with the sail winching but I knew I needed to push past my comfort zone and this was the thing to do it.


First day excitement.

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“Time is a precious thing, never waste it”

It’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy World Awareness day on the 7th September.

This may not mean anything to alot of people…most people won’t know what Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy even is, I didn’t either ten years ago but my cousin’s son Aston Freddie has this condition so as a family we know more about it than those around us. I often feel a little helpless in this area, there isn’t that much practically that I can do to help…it’s one of those conditions that there isn’t an answer for, there isn’t a large amount of research into helping those with it so my little way of helping is trying to raise some awareness through this.


That beautiful smile. 

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