24 Hours as a Girl in the Big City

This week we’re discussing my Monday, mostly because it was fabulous to say the least but also because I didn’t have that Monday feeling we all know and hate so well!

We’ll start at the beginning (a very good place to start and all.) I had breakfast with my mum and my aunt in which they both ordered two breakfasts despite us all supposedly following slimming world, I guess that was the start of my slimming plan going out the window for the day.

I wasn’t overly listening to their conversation as my mind was elsewhere looking forward to my night in the city of London. I do love London and anyone that knows me knows I’m there quite often these days, I’ve heard a lot of people say they couldn’t cope with how busy it is but I honestly love it. I don’t mind being by myself there either, I think there’s something about being alone in a world full of strangers that gets the creativeness in me flowing and there’s inspiration everywhere you turn. I’m constantly taking pictures, seeing things I can write about or making a mental note to ask my London based friends about something I’ve spotted.

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To my Niece on your First Birthday xo

Freya Scarlet, my bug, baby paws and Princess,

A year ago today my life changed. I knew it would but had no idea how much, even sitting with you in my arms on your first day in this world I didn’t know what was in store.

Since that day I’ve changed and so have you, you’ve come so far. From those days where you wore a leg brace to fix your tiny hips to now chasing your puppy around the room. I’m proud of your perseverance, your determination to do those things you probably shouldn’t be doing like opening tubs of biscuits to help yourself and the way you grin when you see people you know walk through the door.

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To the ones who will never quite understand…

To the ones who will never quite understand,

I read an article recently that made me sad, not only because I could relate but because it was so real. It was about those friends we all have and assume will be around forever.

I had friends from a young age that I couldn’t imagine not meeting up for coffee or having long chats with, the type who no matter how long has passed you still connect instantly with. At least it used to be that way. Things change, life moves on and we all develop every day, grow into new people. Sometimes its hard to accept that people just aren’t meant to be in your life anymore or that maybe effort needs to be made to change the type of friendship you have.

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Sometimes in life we go through something that changes our goals, dreams and values and often changes them instantly, I never would have expected that thing to be a sailing trip.

 I’ve got so many plans being put into action at the moment and feel like the last few days have been so productive. My dreams are no longer going to stay dreams, I can make them a reality.

“I believe in me and I believe in everything I can become.”