24 Hours as a Girl in the Big City

This week we’re discussing my Monday, mostly because it was fabulous to say the least but also because I didn’t have that Monday feeling we all know and hate so well!

We’ll start at the beginning (a very good place to start and all.) I had breakfast with my mum and my aunt in which they both ordered two breakfasts despite us all supposedly following slimming world, I guess that was the start of my slimming plan going out the window for the day.

I wasn’t overly listening to their conversation as my mind was elsewhere looking forward to my night in the city of London. I do love London and anyone that knows me knows I’m there quite often these days, I’ve heard a lot of people say they couldn’t cope with how busy it is but I honestly love it. I don’t mind being by myself there either, I think there’s something about being alone in a world full of strangers that gets the creativeness in me flowing and there’s inspiration everywhere you turn. I’m constantly taking pictures, seeing things I can write about or making a mental note to ask my London based friends about something I’ve spotted.

The train journey was interesting to say the least, I don’t know if I just have one of those vibes that means people want to talk to me but I always end up chatting to random people…on this occasion I compared books with the woman sitting opposite me and we talked about whether we’d recommend what we were reading. She had a stunning orange and green scarf; it looked like silk and was from Liberty (check me with my knowledge.)

I am pretty good at getting around London without getting lost these days…unless I’m with one of my lovely friends (I’m looking at you Wen) who always manages to help me get totally lost and confused, but I found Brad’s place (where I was staying.) It helps that the lines are colour coded, who knows where I’d end up if they weren’t.

In case you’re wondering Brad is a guy who’s extremely fabulous, I get on with like a house of fire and is fast becoming a very close friend of mine. After redoing my makeup we headed to Wembley for the Rays of Sunshine Concert. I’d been given some tickets and asked Brad to join me, for a change we’d given ourselves lots of time, considering we both like to get our look perfect when we’re going out this is quite an achievement! So we stopped for fruit and a drink (how healthy) and then wandered to see Buckingham Palace at night, I have to say it’s super beautiful all lit up. I even learned that if the flag is up it means that the Queen is home, who knew? I love exploring London with my friends that live there, they know all the best places, routes and I end up doing the random things that I wouldn’t if I went strictly as a tourist. So after deciding we need to organise a flash mob between us (random I know) we headed to Wembley, of course when we got there we had to pause to Snapchat and take some photos.

I had wondered before we set off if our bags would be checked, they were which was a bit weird, like walking into an airport, metal detector and all but I guess they have to be cautious.

Louisa Johnston opened the show, I’ve not really taken that much notice of her music in the past to be honest, I didn’t watch X factor the year she was on but she was pretty good. My highlights of the show were DNCE, Lawson (aren’t those men beautiful), Fleur East, Shawn Mendes and the Wish children’s choir who came on stage with Nicole Sherzinger. Why is Nicole so darn beautiful? I want her hair.

Luckily I knew most of the artists and songs so we could dance and sing along, to be fair I would dance around to anything. I did feel a little bad for Brad, he’s quite tall and there’s not much room in a concert arena…or theatre…I think people should think about that next time they build one, extra leg room people! But he enjoyed it all the same.

I love the atmosphere at a concert but especially this one, everyone there was supporting the cause and it was so lovely when everyone put their lights up. It was emotional to hear the children sing, totally inspirational, I left the concert feeling all warm and uplifted.

Dom picked us up and we headed for food, well, after I had some fun watching him take photos of Brad outside the arena, I even joined in on a few! It was pretty fun even if it did start raining…I have to say I love photo taking but I couldn’t do what Brad does, so many takes, so many angles, he works so hard on getting it right. Being starving it took about 30 minutes to find an open McDonalds…how did we manage that? In London? I am sure they are everywhere. The sing along in the car was good fun though, pretty sure it’s one of the reasons I nearly lost my voice, that and the singing along I’d done at the concert. Dom is just as lovely as Brad and they are great fun to be around.

After McDonalds and more sing-along’s I was exhausted and went to bed as soon as we got back. This having fun thing is tiring don’t you think? Even after going to bed so late I was still awake at like 8am which always seems to happen, my body must just be on automatic wake up after five hours sleep mode or something which sometimes is good and sometimes super annoying.


Brad and I outside Wembley

My train home wasn’t till lunch time (I always want to say dinner time but I’ve learnt that just confuses people, all the lunch, dinner, dinner, tea thing…who really cares what we call it?) Anywho, seen as I wasn’t catching a train till lunch I decided a trip to Harrods was in order. Before I left Brad’s I had a phone call from the job I had been offered asking if I could start the following day, surprised and excited is the best way to describe what that was like, it was lovely though, having some time to do one of the of my favourite things before I started work the next day.

When is a trip to Harrods ever a bad idea? I love that place, so much so that I knew their Christmas world had opened because my email updates told me it had. It did not disappoint, I could get lost in there. It just feels so…magical; I took photos for a family in front of the Christmas displays. The display team there do a great job, it’s beautiful. I was in there around an hour wandering the Christmas world, the chocolate room (a must do) and the various departments, my favourite is the jewellery section or maybe the cosmetics. I didn’t buy anything on this trip, just browsed, I’m so indecisive I couldn’t figure out which bauble I wanted this year, they are all so pretty.

Leaving London later on I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness, I always feel a little sad leaving because I have so much fun there and do something new each time I go. It’s not long before I’ll be back there and have already scheduled my trip to actually buy a bauble later in November.

On this little outing to London Town I got to know Brad better, it was lovely to do something that didn’t involve sitting in a meeting together (you wouldn’t think we only met in July), I got to wander past Buckingham Palace at night, sang my heart out at a concert and had some perfect me time whilst taking pictures, selfies with Christmas displays and talking to random strangers throughout Harrods. I also learnt that sometimes not planning ahead all that much is the best way, it’s when all the unexpected things happen…like making friends with a man on his first trip to Harrods who got lost in the tube station and then walked into me next to the Christmas trees.

   “When you try to control everything you enjoy nothing”

Fay xx





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