Drifting way outside of the box

Do you ever look around you and wonder why on earth you can’t quite fit? I know I have this festive season. It took me a long time to realise that being me was ok, that being not quite so open, not quite so social was actually ok and is how I am happiest, the trouble I have at family gatherings and sometimes in general is that none of those traits about me are always seen as positive, through no one’s fault, it’s simply that we’re different.

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Weight loss, Me and the difference a year makes

It’s a strange relationship I have with weight loss, I always thought I was terrible at it, but yesterday I was awarded my two and a half stone loss award…two and a half stone?! I know crazy right? I guess maybe I’m better at it than I thought.


Taking the first step is hard but regret is harder.

One of the most frustrating things for me about having put on so much weight was the fact that I always felt like I couldn’t change it. Alot of my weight came from my cancer treatment, the steroids, the not being able to dance anymore, not being able to walk any further than the end of the street without feeling like I might collapse from the pain. So you can probably see why I struggled to figure out how to lose weight, even after I’d finished my treatment all those years ago it left me with a joint condition so really, I’ve never been able to get back to the same level of fitness.

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