To The Next One

To the next one

This is for you, the next young person told they have Cancer, unfortunately, there will be more, from someone that survived, I want you to know a few things I learnt during my treatment and in the years since.

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The Barrier To Happiness:An Invisible Illness

Being happy isn’t always a matter of having the nicest house, the job that pays the most money or having that family. For some people it is those things but it’s not for everyone. I’m not sure what it is for me yet, we all have those dreams in school and college, that life plan and no matter how much people say “everyone reaches milestones at their own time” it doesn’t change the fact there is still society’s expectation of what you should do with your life, what you should have by the time your 25 or at least the idea of a “successful” life or career. It places alot of unrealistic expectations on young people and for me I find that it places expectations on those of us who had their dream screwed up by their health.


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