To The Next One

To the next one

This is for you, the next young person told they have Cancer, unfortunately, there will be more, from someone that survived, I want you to know a few things I learnt during my treatment and in the years since.

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To the ones who will never quite understand…

To the ones who will never quiteย understand,

I read an article recently that made me sad, not only because I could relate but because it was so real. It was about those friends we all have and assume will be around forever.

I had friends from a young age that I couldn’t imagine not meeting up for coffee or having long chats with, the type who no matter how long has passed you still connect instantly with. At least it used to be that way. Things change, life moves on and we all develop every day, grow into new people. Sometimes its hard to accept that people just aren’t meant to be in your life anymore or that maybe effort needs to be made to change the type of friendship you have.

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Sometimes in life we go through something that changes our goals, dreams and values and often changes them instantly, I never would have expected that thing to be a sailing trip.

ย I’ve got so many plans being put into action at the moment and feel like the last few days have been so productive. My dreams are no longer going to stay dreams, I can make them a reality.

“I believe in me and I believe in everything I can become.”